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Inverter Service

What we do?
We repair solar inverters.

As a company we are specialised in maintaining and repairing inverters. Inverters that take care of injecting the energy of your solar panels onto the power grid.

In our brand new laboratory we are executing reparations at the level of components. We are equipped with the most advanced measuring and testing material to thoroughly test and repair your inverter.

Thanks to our drive, knowledge, and passion we succeed to repair more than 90% of all defect inverters.

Repairing your inverter is the cheapest and most durable solution. No need to adapt or revalidate your current pv-installation.

A defective inverter? We can help you!

Inverter Service, The Movie

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What brands we repair:

We repair all string inverters. We are official service partners of the following brands:

By clicking on the logo, you can find frequent error messages.

In addition, we have also built up a lot of expertise with the following brands and can also repair these devices:

What advantages does it offer to repair your broken inverter?

Our assets

Already more than 20 years of experience in electronics repair and 15 years in the photo-voltaic sector.

We repair according to the rules of art and afterwards we do extensive tests.

Young and dynamic team.

Our KPI’s

Repair more than 90% of the devices.

Repair within 7 days after receipt.

Correct error diagnosis and pricing within 48h.

Is your device defective? That's how it works:

Upcoming events and fairs


25 & 26 october 2023

Solar Solutions International is the largest trade show for solar energy in Northwest Europe. Now the solar market has grown up, it’s time for the next step. Solar Solutions International displays more than 500 innovations and over 100 practical seminars concerning the latest in energy storage, smart products, and an ever evolving array of solar panels.

Startup your solar inverter without solar pannels? It’s possible with our solar inverter starterkit.

Configuration without solar panels?

Finding the cause of an insulation fault?

Check if an inverter works?


Additional information

Refurbished Inverters.

We also offer Refurbished inverters of various brands.

Click on the button below and you will find an overview of the devices that we currently have in stock.

Monitoring your system

For a central monitoring of your PV systems or plant, a monitoring system is indispensable. This makes it possible to compare installations very quickly, to receive notifications in case of errors or problems, to make analyzes, … As a distributor of We can therefore offer a complete solution as a SolarLog Dealer. This system is compatible with almost any brand and type of inverter.

Whether it is an existing system or a new system, an extension, an installation of 1000W or 100MW, everything is possible!



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Tramstraat 7, 8560 Wevelgem


+32 (0)56 18 58 48


We're open

We are open every week from Monday to Friday.

This week’s opening hours are :

Monday 08:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 17:00
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